Aaron's Late Payment Policy Explained (2024)

Rent-to-own stores allow you to furnish your home without paying the full cost of furniture and appliances upfront.

However, when life takes an unexpected turn, you may find yourself unable to make your payments on time.

The Aaron's late payment policy varies by location, but generally requires you to pay a late fee.

Most Aaron’s locations charge late fees ranging from $5 to $13, though your local store may offer a grace period before charging the fee.[1][2]

If you know you’re going to be late, it’s a good idea to contact Aaron’s customer service or your local store to discuss your options before the due date.[1][2][3]

See the details of Aaron’s late payment policy below, complete with information regarding grace periods, deferred payments, and repossessions.

Aaron’s Late Payment Policy

Aaron’s late payment policy varies by location. This is because some Aaron’s stores are company-operated, while others are franchise locations.[1][2]

If you think your payment will be late, it’s best to contact Aaron’s customer service department at (800) 520-7368 or the store where you shopped before your payment is due.[1][2][3]

A representative may be able to help you avoid late fees and other consequences.[1][2]

I contacted Aaron’s stores in North Dakota, Texas, and Vermont, as well as its corporate customer service department to find out more about its late payment policy.

Grace Period

If you make bi-monthly payments, these are typically due on the 1st and 15th of each month. Monthly payments are due on the day your contract states.[1]

Grace periods vary; some locations consider your payment late the day after your due date. Others give you up to three days if you make bi-monthly payments or seven days if you make monthly payments.[1][2]

Late Fees

Late fees vary but are generally $5 to $13, depending on the location and the lease amount. Some stores may charge 10% of your usual lease payment amount.[1][2]

You can find the specific fees that apply to your lease by contacting the Aaron’s store where you made your purchase(s) and/or consulting your contract.[1][2]

Deferred Payments

If you know your payment will be late ahead of its due date, you can request to defer or skip a payment.[1][2]

This doesn’t mean that Aaron’s will approve your request, but the retailer is more likely to work with you if you keep in contact and let customer service know when you’ll be able to catch up on payments.[1][2]

Some locations will only defer payments for two weeks, while others may let you skip a payment. If you’re able to skip a payment, Aaron’s will add it to the end of your lease agreement.[1][2]

Consequences of Missed Payments

Aaron’s may report missed payments to the credit bureaus after 60 days, though this can vary by location.[1]

It can also repossess leased items. Repossession times vary by location and your payment history;[1][2] see more about the Aaron’s repossession policy.

If you’ve made on-time payments for several months, Aaron’s will be more willing to work with you than if you just started a lease and haven’t made any payments.[1][2]

If you continue to miss payments without making arrangements with the store, there may be further legal consequences. See more on whether you can go to jail for not paying Aaron’s.

Tip: If you get a new debit or credit card, make sure you update your payment method to avoid any late or missed payments and surprise late fees.


How do you sign up for EZPay automatic payments with Aaron’s?

You can sign up for EZPay by contacting the store where you leased the item. Automatic payments can help you avoid late and missed payments.[4]

What should you do if the Aaron’s website locks you out of your online account?

You should contact Aaron’s customer service at (888) 333-3785 for assistance. Note that if your payment is late because you’re locked out of your account, you’ll still be subject to late fees, so it’s best to contact customer service as soon as possible.[4]

What payment methods does Aaron’s accept for lease payments?

You can make payments by cash, check, money order, debit card, or credit card. However, Aaron’s doesn’t take Apple Pay or Google Pay.[2][4]

In Summary

Aaron’s late payment policy varies by location, but you can generally expect to pay a $5 to $13 fee for each late payment.[1][2]

The grace period for late payments also varies by location and may be anywhere from the day the after missing a payment to seven days later.[1][2]

Aaron’s may report late payments to the credit bureau after 60 days. If you continue not to pay, it may also repossess the leased item(s).[1][2]

If you anticipate a late payment, be sure to get in contact with Aaron’s as soon as possible. The company does its best to work with customers who’ve established a good payment history.[1][2][3]

Be sure to leave any comments, questions, or relevant experiences regarding Aaron’s late payment policy in the comments section below.

Aaron's Late Payment Policy Explained (2024)


What happens if you miss a payment with Aarons? ›

A late payment on a credit card will hurt your credit score, but if you are unable to continue making payments with Aaron's, you can simply return your items. Flexibility: And if you do have to return your items, you can always come back when you're ready and pick back up where you left off.

Can Aaron's mess up your credit? ›

Applying for a lease with Aaron's should not impact your FICO score; however, we do look at credit bureau reports, and this inquiry may appear on your credit report.

What happens if you break a TV from Aaron's? ›

If a member's leased merchandise is damaged beyond repair, stolen or destroyed by a covered event, they will be allowed to lease like kind replacement product at the same lease rate and their lease payment(s) will be waived equal to the amount paid on their original agreement so that their remaining term is equal to ...

Does rent a center report to credit bureaus? ›

Rent-A-Center does not report your payment history to the credit bureaus. We know life happens so, we allow you to return your products at any time without further obligation.

Does Aaron's report to the credit bureau? ›

As of May 1st, without informing customers, Aaron's stopped reporting to the credit bureaus when they receive payments.

Does Aaron's do 90 days the same as cash? ›

The same as cash period can vary by location, but typically lasts 120 days, giving you ample time to make your payments with ease. For California residents, we offer 90 days same as cash. At Aaron's, we're all about putting the power of choice in your hands.

Can you go to jail for not paying Progressive Leasing? ›

While failure to pay Progressive Leasing is not a criminal offense, it is possible that you could end up in jail if you fail to respond to legal action taken by the company.

Does paying rent build my credit? ›

If you regularly pay your rent on time and in full, you can have your good payment history reported to credit bureaus to help raise your credit score through a rent-reporting service. Know that any rent-reporting services could require a fee for the service, which is usually paid on a monthly basis.

Does not paying rent go against your credit? ›

Overdue rent might appear on your credit reports if the landlord sends the debt to a collection agency. The agency might report the collection account to the credit bureaus. Also, if an eviction appears in the public record, the credit reporting agencies will likely include it on your credit reports.

Can you give stuff back to Aarons? ›

At Aaron's, your lease includes "Lifetime Reinstatement," which means if you return your products before you complete all of your payments, you can pick back up where you left off with the same or similar condition merchandise whenever you're ready.

Can I pay Aarons with a credit card? ›

Even if you started your lease online, you can make subsequent payments with cash. Paying with a card is a popular and secure method for many of our customers. Whether you have a credit card or a debit card, paying your bill at Aaron's is a breeze.

Does Aaron's verify employment? ›

Verify Aaron's Employees

The process is simple and automated, and most employees are verified within 24 hours.

Does Rent-A-Center do late payments? ›

If you ever need to make a late payment, simply contact the manager of your Rent -A-Center store on or before your scheduled renewal (payment) date - we'll be happy to work with you!

Does Affirm build credit? ›

When you borrow with Affirm, your positive payment history and credit use may be reported to the credit bureaus. This can help you build credit with the credit bureaus as long as you make all of your payments on time and do not max out your credit.

Does leasing furniture build credit? ›

Rebuilding credit is very easy when you lease-purchase furniture. Reputable credit solutions report all payments to multiple credit bureaus. This gives you an opportunity to improve or build your credit score as you pay your lease.

Can you make weekly payments with Aarons? ›

At Aaron's, you can choose between 12, 18, or 24-month payment plans. But with Rent-A-Center, your freedom comes first. Pick the payment schedule that aligns best with your monthly budget. Choose from a weekly, bi-weekly (every two weeks), semi-monthly, or monthly schedule.

What happens if you return furniture to Aarons? ›

At Aaron's, your lease includes "Lifetime Reinstatement," which means if you return your products before you complete all of your payments, you can pick back up where you left off with the same or similar condition merchandise whenever you're ready.

What happens if you don't pay uown leasing? ›

We may report information about your performance under any rent-to-own agreement to traditional and non-traditional credit reporting agencies. Late payments, missed payments and defaults may be reported. This may negatively impact your ability to receive loans or advances from other companies or to write checks.

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