Bella Poarch Dazzles in Recent Beach Photos, Hits 1 Million Instagram Likes - Magzica (2024)

Multi-platinum singer and internet star Bella Poarch’s recent beach outing resulted in some incredibly popular posts. The series of beach photos, spread across social platforms like Instagram and Twitter, display Poarch in a pink swimsuit, where she looks nothing short of spectacular. The picturesque beach backdrop only amplifies the pictures’ appeal. By the time of reporting, the post has already garnered over 1.05 million likes. Although not her highest achievement, this figure still emphasizes the post’s significant impact. Below, you will see the embedded post, along with other standout moments from Poarch’s Instagram.

Bella Poarch From a Turbulent Past and Naval Service to Tiktok Fame and Pop Stardom

Bella Poarch journey from a challenging childhood through military service to international pop stardom is a testament to her resilience. This Tiktok sensation continues to break barriers. This morning, Poarch experienced a panic attack as she prepared for a 9 a.m. assignment. Despite her hesitation and uncertainty, she made it to her appointment at a studio in Culver City. This 25-year-old Navy veteran turned viral sensation holds the record for the most liked Tiktok ever with over 56 million likes, and she is now an emerging pop artist. Poarch may project a gothic, battle-ready image on her social pages and music videos, but in person, she is noticeably reserved. Her unfamiliarity with fame is evident. Yet, as she has throughout her life, she overcomes her anxieties and fears.

The jump from anonymity to stardom can be particularly disorienting for social media celebrities. One day, you are alone, performing to your phone in your bedroom (as Poarch often did), the next, you have millions of followers (currently, Poarch stands at 88.8 million). However, content creation can be a solitary practice, devoid of public interactions or fan signings. Only those who achieve Poarch’s level of fame find themselves abruptly plunged into real-world interactions with the public.

“Meeting new people can be very overwhelming,” admits Poarch, her soft voice reflecting her introversion. “That’s what’s exciting for me at the moment.”

She was equally quiet during her first meeting with her producer Sub Urban, another Tiktok star signed with Warner Records. Despite saying very little during their initial session, Poarch managed to overcome her nerves. Together, they created “Build a Bitch,” her eerie pop debut single that made it to the global charts and peaked at Number 56 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the 24 hours following its release last May, it was the most viewed music video on YouTube, boasting 10 million views.

Bella Poarch, primarily known for her endearing Tiktok lip-sync videos, defied expectations with her hit single “Build a Bitch”. The music video, boasting high-quality production and appearances from influencers Bretman Rock and Mia Khalifa, left viewers pleasantly surprised. However, Bella’s transition from social media star to music artist did not come without criticism. Many voiced their skepticism online, questioning her decision to make music. Nonetheless, Bella stayed undeterred, working diligently on her forthcoming debut EP, which will include collaborations with Sub Urban and Grimes.

Bella’s initial breakthrough on Tiktok in the summer of 2020 did not fit the usual mold of the platform’s content. Her videos, featuring minimalist lip-syncs paired with animated facial expressions inspired by video games and anime, offered a unique charm.

Bella Poarch and Valkyrae send the internet into a frenzy with Valentine’s Day photos

Bella’s lyrics in her song: “Baby, I’m the reason why hell’s so hot” indeed ring true, a sentiment her fans would affirm. On February 14, Bella teamed up with YouTube personality Valkyrae for a sizzling Valentine’s Day photoshoot. The pair captivated their fan base with a series of provocative photos, causing quite a stir online.

The photo that really got the internet buzzing showed Bella and Valkyrae in red and black leather lingerie, brandishing a sword and a dagger, all wrapped up in rope. Bella captioned the photo with a playful warning: “Enter at [yo]ur own risk @Valkyrae.”

Bella Poarch and Valkyrae crash the internet—and Dropbox

The internet was set ablaze as various social media personalities and fans expressed their awe of Bella and Valkyrae’s photos. Twitch streamer Emma Langevin shared her reaction on Twitter, humorously describing her shock. Another Twitch streamer, Fuslie, humorously commented on the heart-stopping effect of the photos, while Bretman Rock and gamer BrookeAB also left adoring comments. The photos even led some fans to jokingly express a willingness to be ‘stepped on’ by Bella and Valkyrae.

Bella Poarch Dazzles in Recent Beach Photos, Hits 1 Million Instagram Likes - Magzica (2024)
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